Sky Replacement


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Learn to take an ordinary photo and make it extraordinary simply by using the correct techniques on adding a sky.

I walk you through the A to Z of replacing a sky either manually in Photoshop or using other programs and will teach you the numerous tips and tricks I use so that it is impossible to tell that you’ve replaced the sky and leave people wondering how you got the perfect shot.


Make your photos more dynamic with a beautiful sunset or dramatic sky!

This course is for you if…

If you want to add that award-winning, final touch to your images.

If you thought adding a sky was too difficult.

You feel your landscape images or portraits have boring, flat skies.

Imagine you could…

Easily add beautiful skies and up the wow factor in your shots. Turn ordinary sky photos into something dramatic and fun or be inspired by adding award-winning techniques to your photos.

Hear what photographers have to say…

“To Wow or not to Wow, that is the question I asked myself. This was one of the best classes because Scott is so right when he says that sky replacement makes a huge difference in your photos.”
Tiana T.

“I had no clue on how to replace a sky and I don’t even know photoshop that well, but seeing how it works with Luminar, I’M SOLD. Scott’s tips on how to perfect the Luminar process makes a huge difference too. No use going through a learning curve, so easy to just follow the techniques in this course.”
Randy E.

“This is really the definitive course on sky replacement. I’ve done a few sky replacements but with mixed results. This course showed me what I was doing wrong and now I know I can produce consistent results and have all the tools to create some awesome images.”
Brandon W.

"The ability to add a beautiful sky can instantly bring your photo to a new inspired level. It may seem complicated to do, but this course will make it easy and fun to add new life into a tired and dull sky. Sometimes a new sky is all that is needed to turn a good photo into something that is great."

Scott Robert Lim


Sky Replacement


One of the best ways to add a WOW factor to your photos is with sky replacement and this course will show you many ways to add a realistic sky quickly and easily.

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2h 21m


Beginner / Intermediate



Introduction to Sky Replacement and Starting in Lightroom

This lesson covers the complete creative process involving the entire image and creative decisions to make in Lightroom before adding the sky. 


Preparatory Steps Skin Smoothing Removing Distracting Elements

Get your subject looking perfect and remove all distractions from your photo before tackling replacing the sky. 


Preparatory Steps to Sky replacement Hair Smoothing Shape Enhancing

How to make your subject shine with some powerful glamor techniques for hair and body shape enhancing. 


Sky Replacement Highlight and Shadow

In this first part sky replacement, I show you my techniques on adding a sky and matching color tones to your scene. 


Part 2 of Sky Replacement Highlight and Shadow

I continue my demonstration showing you how to remap highlights and shadows across the entire image, paint undertones and remove unwanted sections of sky. 


Sky Replacement Color Toning and Making the Photo Believable

The important finishing process and adding another layer of highlight and shadow tone to tie the sky into the image with several different blending techniques.


How to Set Up Assets Importing Clouds into PS Library

A lesson on how to add your cloud textures into your Adobe library to access clouds across all devices that use Photoshop. 


Preparing Beachfront Photo for Sky Replacement Skin smoothing

Another demonstration showing you steps to prepare the image and creative decisions on how to enhance the image before sky replacement, including skin smoothing. 


Replacing Sky Completely

How to add the sky with a proper reflection, choose tones to paint over the image to make it believable, and how to perfectly match tones of the sky. 


Replacing Sky by Using Alien Skin to Add Lighting Effects and Bokeh Layer

Final touches to add light texture for wow and backlight effects using Alien Skin Exposure Software.  


Intro Orientation to Luminar for Sky Replacement

A lesson introducing how to get started with Luminar and what it can do. 


Replacing Sky with Luminar

How to quickly and easily add a sky in Luminar and how to use the adjustments to blend in the sky with the image for believable results. 


Rebalancing Giving Fine Art Feel in Photoshop and Conclusion

How to further refine your image by rebalancing areas in your photos using my digital version of Ansel Adam’s zone method. 


Sky Replacement


One of the best ways to add a WOW factor to your photos is with sky replacement and this course will show you many ways to add a realistic sky quickly and easily.

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