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Add a new dimension to your photos by adding a beautiful sunset or dramatic sky.

Use these 12 high-resolution skies and blend them with your original sky for unlimited variations while achieving a more realistic look. Once you learn how to use my method, you can then use it and these skies and clouds to take an ordinary photo and make it extraordinary.


High-Resolution skies and clouds to enhance your images!

These presets are for you if…

You feel your landscape images or portraits have boring, flat skies.

If you want to add a dramatic, final touch to your images, but are struggling.

If you thought adding a sky was too difficult.

Imagine you could…

Drastically up your WOW factor in your images with great looking skies. Turn ordinary sky photos into something dramatic and fun within a couple clicks. Be inspired with the simple addition of clouds or skys to add impact to your photos.

Hear what photographers have to say…

“To Wow or not to Wow, that is the question I asked myself. This was one of the best classes because Scott is so right when he says that sky replacement makes a huge difference in your photos.”
Tiana T.

“I had no clue how to replace a sky and I don’t even know photoshop that well, but seeing how it works with Luminar, I’M SOLD. Scott’s tips on how to perfect the Luminar process makes a huge difference too. No use going thru a learning curve, so easy to just follow the techniques in this course.”
Randy E.

“This is really the definitive course on sky replacement. I’ve done a few sky replacements but with mixed results. This course showed me what I was doing wrong and now I know I can produce consistent results and have all the tools to create some awesome images.”
Brandon W.

"Sky replacement by far gives you the most bang for your post-processing effort on a beautiful landscape or landscape portrait and just by adding a beautiful sky bring your photo to a new inspired level. Sometimes a new sky is all that is needed to transform an ordinary photo into an eye-catching one. The included 12 skies and clouds are very high resolution and you can use them to help finish off your masterpiece."

Scott Robert Lim


Skies & Clouds Backgrounds


One of the best ways to add a WOW factor to your photos is with a dramatic sky and these sky replacements can be added to any photo with a dull sky to make it pop!

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