Retouching Secrets


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Learn these essential retouching techniques to dazzle clients and create photos people appreciate for a lifetime.

Fashion and glamour artists will gain much from learning to beautify your subjects and this course will not only teach you several powerful retouching secrets, but it will also open up new ways for you to photograph stunning portraits.


Learn to retouch and tone skin for perfect portraits!

This course is for you if…

You’ve never figured out a fast, efficient, and realistic way to edit skin tones.

You fear taking tight portraits because of your lack of retouching skills.

You’re afraid to use Photoshop for retouching because it seems too complicated.

Imagine you could…

Very quickly make skin look beautiful and perfect. Glamorize your portraits and headshots. Never have to worry about your subject’s skin blemishes when taking photos.

Hear what photographers have to say…

“This class literally unlocked the mysteries of retouching for me. I always wondered how to get that perfect skin and beautiful eye color and Scott put everything together for me in a very concise and simple way to do some very complicated techniques. I have so much more confidence now doing my glamour retouching.”
Allie B.

“I wish I learned these methods years ago! I can get the perfect portrait look within minutes now. This literally has saved me years of work! Recommend highly.”
Daniel D.

“I like this class because Scott makes this course easy to learn even if you're a beginner. I like how he even taught how large to make your brush! It’s a simple technique no one ever teaches. There were many ah-ha moments. I feel like my portraits just upped a level. ”
Rene J.

"I wanted to teach my methods because they are way faster than traditional ‘frequency separation' techniques which are very time-consuming. If you want to create an award-winning portrait, there is no getting around learning the art of retouching with Photoshop for ultimate control."

Scott Robert Lim


Retouching Secrets


If you take pictures of people, you must ensure they look their absolute best and this course will teach you the secrets of retouching any photo to make it flawless.

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2h 43m


Beginner / Intermediate



Introduction to Retouching - Skin Smoothing Starting in Lightroom

Learn how to use Lightroom to smooth minor skin blemishes. 


Skin Smoothing First Steps in Photoshop

Learn how to prepare the skin for perfect skin smoothing in Photoshop.  


Skin Smoothing Using The Photoshop Action and Smoothing

Using Photoshop Actions is explained in detail and Scott gives you step by step instructions on how to smooth skin to get a beautiful result. 


Skin Smoothing First Smoothing Steps in Photoshop in Hawaii

I demonstrate how to smooth skin in Photoshop and you can see in real-time the creative editing decisions and techniques I use to get an amazing result. 


Skin Smoothing Using The Photoshop Action and Removing The Distracting Elements

Dive deeper into skin smoothing and other retouching techniques to reduce or remove distracting elements as well as exposure balancing to make a more impactful photo.  


Putting On The Final Touches

I show you the last steps needed to finish off the photo and some of the other creative decisions you can take to finalize your image. 


Preparing For Eye Enhancement - First Smoothing the Skin

In this two-part session, I take you through another close-up portrait to show you how I smooth out skin and prepare for eye enhancement. 


Eye Enhancement

How to retouch your subject’s eyes so that they are radiant and look their absolute best. 


Completing The Retouch with Grain and Sharpness

Learn additional retouching techniques of adding grain and sharpness for realistic skin tones and additional detail enhancements. 


Correcting the White Balance of the Skin in Lightroom

How to correct skin tone for natural-looking colors and several white balance techniques you can use in any photo. 


Smoothing the Skin Enhancing the Eyes in Photoshop

A step by step walkthrough of the complete retouching process of smoothing skin and enhancing the eyes. 


Adding Light Texture With Exposure for the Final Touch

A lesson on how to add light textures for creative effect and final touches. 


Correcting the White Balance of the Skin in Photoshop and Summary

Another example to show you different ways to correct white balance in Photoshop and a summary of my retouching techniques. 


Balancing the Expose Before Dress and Skin Smoothing

A lesson on rebalancing the exposure of the photo and creating visual cues that help the photo have more impact. 


Smoothing the Skin Before the Dress

Another demonstration of skin retouching to show you additional tips and tricks on getting it perfect quickly.  


Smoothing the Wrinkles in the Dress

How to remove and smooth wrinkles on a dress for a perfect portrait and a discussion of the importance of addressing the fine details in a portrait.  


Adding Light Textures Finishing and Summary

Learn the creative decisions you can make on adding a light texture and when and why they work. 


Retouching Secrets


If you take pictures of people, you must ensure they look their absolute best and this course will teach you the secrets of retouching any photo to make it flawless.

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