Photography Tools Bundle


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Create beautiful photos with over one hundred editing tools for every situation!

You’ll be able to replace a boring sky with a beautiful one, using my Skies and Clouds Backgrounds pack. A dull image can be made attractive with my Lights Overlays pack, containing stunning bokeh effects and light leak textures.

You’ll have a suite of my most used presets for swiftly getting to the final result when working in Lightroom. And, you’ll have my Photoshop Actions to hand, these will help you automate tedious tasks in Photoshop and save you hours of annoying tweaking and organization.


What's included?

Over 100 Editing Tools

Essential Lightroom Presets

33 Lightroom Presets

$97 included

These are the Lightroom Presets I have compiled over my 20 years as a professional photographer and have survived the test of time as I have gone through hundreds, if not thousands of presets, but these are the ones I keep coming back to and are some of the secret ingredients I use to make my award-winning images.

Lights Overlays

57 Light Textures

$97 included

I have compiled these light textures during my 20 years as a professional photographer and I know they will help you create a distinct look very quickly and give you ideas on how to create your textures.

Skies & Clouds Backgrounds

12 High Definition Skies and Clouds

$97 included

One of the best ways to add a WOW factor to your photos is with a dramatic sky and these sky replacements can be added to any photo with a dull sky to make it pop!

Photoshop Actions

12 LESSONS | 59M

$97 included

Photoshop actions are one of the major tools any photographer can use to accelerate their creativity. I share my most essential Photoshop Actions to help bring new life to your photos and workflow.

Everything you need to quickly and easily create artistic and impactful images!

This bundle is for you if…

You wish you could create images like those you aspire to.

Your editing workflow is taking too long.

Finding and keeping your inspiration when editing is hard.

Imagine you could…

Save hours of painstaking editing. Work quickly, stay inspired with your post-processing, and transform any image into a masterpiece.

Hear what users have to say…

“This is an incredibly artistic and inspiring collection of tools. I specifically love working with Scott’s presets. If I’m stuck on an edit, I click through these and can easily find a new and interesting direction to take my edit.”
-Peter I.

“Wow, what a deal. A really nice selection of editing goodies. The Lights pack is epic, and I can really see how Scott has incorporated these into his own work. I’m amazed that I get to use them too!”
-Skylar P.

“It’s so cool that these come with videos. I’m confident with presets, but I was nervous to try the other tools. I’m SO happy I did though, because not only do I have these amazing editing tools, but I actually learned how to use them!”
-Luke T.

"Knowing that I have the right tools when it comes to post-processing allows me to shoot with confidence when I’m in the field. This is a collection of my most used tools that I edit with every day! I’m excited to share them with you!"

Scott Robert Lim

Photography Tools Bundle


Creating beautiful photos has never been so easy. Get the tools you need for every situation in this bundle.

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