Photography Posing Guide



Filled with diagrams and example photos of 19 poses to use when posing women, men, and couples!

This guide is an amazing reference tool when a photographer wants to quickly refresh their memory on my posing techniques. The diagrams and listed bullet points of each pose will help any photographer master and fine-tune their posing skills.


A visual, step by step reference tool on how to pose!

This course is for you if…

You struggle posing your subjects in an efficient manner.

You feel your posing is inconsistent and at times feel lost and confused.

You feel you’re doing the same poses over and over again.

Imagine you could…

Go into any situation and know how to pose your subjects. Have a posing workflow that will produce great images session after session and, now, have confidence going into any session with the right tools to pose.

Hear what photographers have to say…

“I love the way Scott teaches his posing, simple, direct, and versatile. It’s great to see a world-class photographer use just a few techniques to create a variety of images ”
Audrey G.

“This is a lifesaver, the diagrams, the real-world examples, and the main posing points all in one simple guide. Pure genius. I make sure I have this available to me during every shoot. In between client changes or during breaks, I quickly scroll thru this and it has dramatically improved my posing skills”
Gavin N.

“I’ve been following Scott for years and I’m so glad he put this together. He gives so much information, that this quick reference guide keeps it simple. When using his techniques I have a clear direction and workflow I can use. I once was confused and frustrated with posing, now I don’t with this guide.”
Luke K.

"After a 20-year career and photographing all over the world and teaching thousands of students, I've put the ultimate posing guide together that I know will tremendously help almost any photographer who wants to learn how to pose. I am confident this quick reference guide will be a great asset photographers can rely on anywhere, anytime."

Scott Robert Lim


Photography Posing Guide


A visual, step by step reference tool on how to pose - filled with helpful diagrams and my main key points to posing. It will cover poses for women, men and couples.