Photography Lighting Bundle


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Over twelve hours of training to help you understand and conquer light once and for all.

Light is the photo. Yet I constantly see photographers forget to study, understand and use light to create their images.

Light is one of the four most important parts of a great photo. I’ll break down every element of it throughout the almost thirteen hours of in-depth video tutorials in an easy to understand way. I’ll also give you my tips and tricks for working in low light because sometimes you just can’t add more light.


What's included?

4 Lighting Masterclasses from the Expert Photography Series

Natural Light Photography

19 LESSONS | 2H 37M

$147 included

Great portraits start with great light and using poor or insufficient light will result in a mediocre portrait at best which is why it is crucial for any photographer to understand the difference between average, good and great light.

Constant Light Photography

18 LESSONS | 2H 18M

$147 included

Creating your own light is the first step to developing your signature lighting style. This course will dramatically improve your photography through constant light techniques.

Low Light Photography

11 LESSONS | 1H 40M

$97 included

Creating dramatic light in low light is easy to do when following these step by step instructions. If you want to master how to get great shots in any low light situation, then this class is for you!

Flash Photography

38 LESSONS | 6H 6M

$197 included

Many photographers won’t use flash because they can’t get good results. This course will show you what a powerful tool it is and the secrets to great flash photography.

Feel confident and able in any lighting situation!

This bundle is for you if…

You struggle in certain lighting situations to get great images.

You don’t understand why some of your images just aren’t artistic.

Flash photography seems complicated and scary.

Imagine you could…

Use light in an artistic way to achieve incredible results. Know how to use light in any situation to create artistic images. Demystify flash photography and feel confident shooting in any light.

Hear what my students are saying...

“I never thought I needed to know this. I assumed my eye and interest would be enough. I cannot describe what a change I have seen in my photography thanks to these courses. Light is all!! Thank you!”
-Henry V.

“I’ve been struggling with my portraiture, I never seem to get the look I want. These courses really helped me to get an instinctive understanding of using light rather than being a victim to bad light. Amazing!”
-Renwick R.

“It seemed long when I was buying it, now I’m sad it’s over. This course is packed full of information that will keep improving my photography everyday. Scott is an awesome teacher and I’m already seeing a dramatic improvement in my photography!!!”
-Yvonne B.

"No matter your skill level, mastering light is one of the most important steps you can take on your photographic journey, let me help!"

Scott Robert Lim

Photography Tools Bundle


Creating beautiful photos has never been so easy. Get the tools you need for every situation in this bundle.

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