Photography Composition Bundle


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My full composition system in over four hours of tutorials will make mastering composition easy!

I created these courses to demystify the subject of composition for photographers just like you. By studying images, understanding why they have that wow factor, and practicing with our own art we can then start to master composition.

Follow along with me and you will achieve composition skills that will help you start creating visually compelling and truly artistic images every time you take a photo.


What's included?

3 Masterclasses from the Expert Photography Series

Creating Wow in Your Photos

9 LESSONS | 1H 15M

$97 included

Train your mind and eye to look for the elements which will help you tell a more powerful story with your photos and how to eliminate all elements which distract your audience from that story so that you can take your photos to the next level.

Intro to Fashion Photography


$47 included

The average person only spends ½ a second looking at an image. This course teaches you the secrets to capturing and keeping your audience’s attention and engaging their mind.

Photography Composition

13 LESSONS | 2H 15M

$97 included

In this course, you will learn composition techniques, distilled from my 20 years of experience, that will give you practical and useful methods to help you take your photos to a world-class style.

Stop relying on Photoshop to fix your images!

This bundle is for you if…

You continuously see photographs you envy and can’t create yourself.

You aren’t thinking about composition when you are shooting.

Things like the rule of thirds are confusing and haven’t helped your art.

Imagine you could…

Accelerate your ability to capture dynamic and artistic images, instinctively understand composition and how to create dramatic images, and demystify composition once and for all and create envy in your fellow photographers.

Hear What My Students Are Saying...

“I’ve always felt like I didn’t have a good eye. I love photography but was never capable to take a truly great photo. These courses have changed that forever. I can’t thank you enough!!”
-Oli S.

“Composition seems simple, there are rules, none of which I could understand. Scott teaches things in such an easy to understand way. If you are struggling, just like I was, to create epic images, this course is for you, seriously.”
-Therese R.

“I’m a pro photographer, and I learned a huge amount on these courses. Just proves you can always, always learn something. Super courses, well taught, and easy to apply! Thank you!”
-George P.

"Regardless of the subject matter, my composition system will help you, beginner or experienced, capture incredible images that your family will love and fellow photographers will be jealous of!"

Scott Robert Lim

Photography Composition Bundle


Composition is one of the four main components to crafting an artistic photo. This course will make mastering composition easy so you can create masterful pieces of art with your camera.

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