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Learn advanced techniques on placing subjects to stand out and create impact.

Composition is one of the four key elements you must master if you ever want to develop a signature style and create truly compelling images. It includes filling your frame correctly and placing your subject in the exact spot to create the most impact and truly without mastering composition, you will struggle to tell a compelling story with your images.


Use your environment in the most strategic way to create an amazing shot!

This course is for you if…

You get overwhelmed and confused on what to shoot. 

You’ve had trouble assessing your environment quickly and lose your shots.

You have had trouble telling a visual story.

Imagine you could…

Walk into any environment and know exactly where to place your subject in order to create the most impact. Tell an impactful story through your images because of the way you composed the shot. Think like a pro and have a tool-kit of techniques you can use for amazing photos.

Hear what photographers have to say…

“I like Mr. Lim's style. Very well explained on his approach. Good class and enjoyed it very much. Will for sure get more of his classes.”
Steve M.

“A great experience with Scott! This class shows you basic crucial concepts for taking better portraits! He is super fun and easy to follow; I definitely recommend this class!”
Angela S.

“Detailed, clear, and with great examples shot on the spot. This was a superb class.”
Mark A.

"I created this course on composition to make it simple for you to learn these techniques and take your photography to the next level."

Scott Robert Lim


Photo Composition Masterclass


One of the most powerful elements of any photograph is its composition and in this course, I’ll teach you my most powerful composing techniques.

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2h 15m


Beginner / Intermediate



Composition Introduction - The Breakthrough

I go over the basics of composition and techniques that create visual impact. I also teach you how to create powerful compositions using different angles to shoot from.


On Location Shooting High and Low Perspectives

Most photographers shoot at a fixed position. I demonstrate techniques that will give you creative tools to bring new perspectives you can use to improve your photos. 


Foreground & Background Techniques

Learn how and why every photographer must master telling a compelling story through proper selection of foreground and background elements. 


On Location with Foreground & Background

I take you on location to show you my Foreground and Background technique to teach you this simple but overlooked method that will help you tell you a better story. 


Leading Lines Techniques

I’ll reveal a breakthrough method to take your composition to the next level through the use of leading lines to create incredible shots. 


On Location with Leading Lines

I’ll show you several on-location examples of how you can find and use conventional and unconventional leading lines to accentuate your subject and take amazing photos.


Creating Composition with Shapes

Composition using shapes is a simple yet powerful technique you can use to separate your subject from your background and make them pop off the page. 


On Location Composition with Shapes

I’ll demonstrate composing on location with shapes to get a variety of compositions by changing perspectives and placing your subject into different shapes. 


Composition with Light Techniques

Creating your own light opens up new opportunities in finding the perfect composition and here I’ll teach you lighting techniques that help create a dramatic effect. 


On Location Composition with Light

I show you how to create the perfect composition with light, both by adding light as well as looking for natural light in your environment to create unique compositions.


Repetitive Highlight and Shadow Techniques

Learn how to create images that stand apart from others by using highlight and shadows techniques as well as the correct posing methods.  


On Location Repetitive Highlight & Shadow

Learn several different ways how you can apply the highlight and shadow techniques in completely different lighting environments. 


Changing your Perspective and Summary

A summary of the different techniques on composition and how by shifting perspective you can change the size of the shapes that make the perfect composition. 


Photo Composition Masterclass


One of the most powerful elements of any photograph is its composition and in this course, I’ll teach you my most powerful composing techniques.

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