Lights Overlays


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My complete pack of Light Textures, Overlays and Flares.

Light textures are one of the keys to my signature post-processing style. They add light, depth, and complexity to your images, especially if you enjoy using beautiful light on your subject, backlight, and use a low aperture portrait lens. In every great photo, everything works together seamlessly to create a one of kind style; the composition, posing, lighting, and of course the final icing on the cake is the post-processing.


Create a distinct and professional look, very quickly!

These presets are for you if…

You aren’t happy with your images and they lack visual impact.

You’ve struggled to create color depth and bokeh in your photos.

You are feeling uninspired with your images and need a creative jumpstart.

Imagine you could…

Instantly add new lighting depth and bokeh magic to your images. Feel inspired to add a new type of creativity to your work. Create the perfect post-processing complement to your low aperture images.

Hear what photographers have to say…

“I’m a natural light shooter that likes to shoot at sunset with a wide-open aperture so these light textures will be a perfect fit for me. This will be particularly helpful in more flat, overcast type light. Can add a bit of pop and dynamic lighting when there is none.”
Ellie C.

“I wasn’t sure how these would work for me but I am now loving these. Scott taught me how to shoot in low light and using these with a light in the background and a lot of darkness in the image is the perfect solution to adding a lot of depth into the photo with these bokeh effects.”
Dominic S.

“I feel like I can take my semi-decent photos, shot in either the dark or with backlight, and I can use these textures with great success and turn my not so great shots into winners! These textures are a must to add into your editing toolbox for sure.”
Lilly M.

"The use of these textures helps separate my work from others and create an added dimension of light bokeh to my imagery. It seems and looks complicated but in actuality it takes only a few minutes to create. I have received a tremendous amount of success and creativity using these textures and I want to pass on my successful tools for others to use."

Scott Robert Lim


Lights Overlays


My complete pack of Light Textures, Overlays and Flares. Use them to enhance your images dramatically and help make them stand out amongst the crowd.

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