Lightroom Workflow


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Simplify the many confusing aspects of Lightroom and learn to stay completely organized.

A photographer will accumulate tens of thousands of photos over the course of their life and if you don’t have an efficient workflow for editing and organizing it can be disastrous. This course is essential for creating an expandable editing system and being able to access and share your images with anyone in the world.


Never worry about any of your images being lost or destroyed!

This course is for you if…

You don’t know how to keep your images organized across multiple devices.

You don’t have an image processing workflow and automated backup solution. 

You struggle to organize and sync edited images across multiple formats. 

Imagine you could…

Have your entire library of current and future images completely organized. Sync all your past and future edited photos across all Lightroom CC devices and never worry about any of your images being lost or destroyed.

Hear what photographers have to say…

“I bought Lightroom because I knew it was a great editing tool, however setting up catalogs and syncing all your edited images, online images, and Photoshop images was a mystery to me. This class helped me put it all together. I even know how to watermark my images now.”
Gerry G.

“I have thousands and thousands of images and had no idea how to organize them. I had Lightroom but never really used it because getting started seemed confusing. I also travel a lot and I always wondered how I could edit on my desktop and my laptop yet keep everything in sync. Lightroom was the answer and this class helped me see the “light”, Lightroom to be exact. I also have a good backup system now, thanks, Scott!”
Ashley B.

“Once I filled up my laptop with all of my images, it bogged my computer down and I was confused about how to expand my image library and regain some speed with my computer. Scott’s course on Lightroom was a lifesaver. An infinitely expandable library, external hard drive system, a good backup method, and syncing across all my LR CC devices makes this course worth every penny. Highly recommended.”
Dave Q.

"I wanted to share my valuable LR workflow which handles my massive library of photos from yesterday, today and tomorrow and enables me to edit and sync these images across my many desktops, laptops and online galleries that I share with people around the world. "

Scott Robert Lim


Lightroom Workflow


Learn the workflow that I use to work quickly wherever I am, keep your Catalogs and edits in sync, and share photos across multiple platforms easily.

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2h 55m


Beginner / Intermediate



Introduction to Lightroom Workflow

Learn what Lightroom is and what are the key elements to a dynamic and expandable workflow.


Organizing in Lightroom

Learn how to efficiently organize and use Lightroom CC with your devices and storage. 


Hard Drive Management and File Naming

I’ll show you how to create an unlimited expandable workflow with proper file naming. 


Creating a Lightroom Catalog

Learn to create a LR catalog quickly and easily.  


Creating a Lightroom Catalog Demonstration

I demonstrate how to create a catalog using external drives and how to name your files and folders to keep them efficiently organized. 


Editing in Photoshop from Lightroom

Learn how to use Photoshop as an external editor through Lightroom. 


Editing in Photoshop From Lightroom Demonstration

Learn how to open a photo in Lightroom, edit it in Photoshop and how to keep it synced to the Lightroom catalog.


Exporting Images with Lightroom

Learn how to share your edited images with the powerful Lightroom export tools. 


Exporting Your Images and Watermarking

Learn how to watermark your exported images so you can protect your work from piracy or ensure that you can easily be identified as the photographer.  


Exporting Your Images and Watermarking Demonstration

A demonstration on how to create different watermarks via text or logo. 


Exporting to Online Gallery with Plug Ins

A lesson on how to share your images online and keep them in sync with future editing without having to upload them again.


Connecting the Smugmug Plug In

How to sync using SmugMug online galleries so that you can share your work with anyone in the world. 


Installing Lightroom Presets

Step by step how to install Lightroom presets to expand the usefulness and power of the program.  


Installing Photoshop Actions

Photoshop actions can greatly speed workflow and in this lesson, I’ll show you how to install them correctly. 


Backing Up Your Images 321 Method

There are very few things in photography more upsetting than losing your images. Learn my robust backup workflow so you never lose an image. 


Organizing in Library Mode in Lightroom

How to quickly organize and sort through images in Lightroom’s Library Mode. 


Library Key Wording In Lightroom

A lesson on how to use keywords to keep organized and quickly locate specific images. 


Recap and Overview on the Entire Lightroom Workflow

A summary of the entire Lightroom workflow system. 


Lightroom Workflow


Learn the workflow that I use to work quickly wherever I am, keep your Catalogs and edits in sync, and share photos across multiple platforms easily.

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