How to MasterYour Camera


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Learn to shoot in Manual Mode for ultimate creative control.

The secret to unlocking your creative potential in photography begins with mastery of the technical basics. In this course, I’ll cover each of these in a simple and easy to understand manner to help you achieve an even greater familiarity with them so you can take your photography to the next level and begin using them to craft what will become your signature style and open a world of creative possibilities in photography.


Create excellent razor-sharp or blurred effects!

This course is for you if…

You can’t consistently get the look and exposure you want.

You struggle getting sharp pictures or having the background blur you want.

You don’t know how to expertly use manual mode.

Imagine you could…

Get perfect, in-focus photos on a consistent basis. Have full creative control over your photographs. Master equivalent exposures and know how to take long exposure photos.

Hear what photographers have to say…

“I have never come across a course that had such a large amount of wisdom in such a short amount of time. There are bullet points, sample photos, and live demonstrations. Not only is Scott a world-class photographer, but he is also a world-class instructor on all the essentials of taking a good photo. His explanations are so thorough that all who hear him and practice what is taught will transform into a top-class photographer.”
Oscar H.

“Scott Robert Lim is one of my all-time favorite instructors. Most importantly, he truly cares about his students' success. He provides numerous "nuggets" of information ”

“Wow! One of the best courses I've done here. Thank you!”
Carlota S.

"Understanding exposure is the first key to taking great images. I wanted to help photographers experience full creative control and to maximize their vision. This class is a must and the understanding of these fundamental techniques is vital to a correct start on their photographic journey to excellence."

Scott Robert Lim


How to Master Your Camera


Express your creative vision and reach the next level in your photography through consistent excellent use of these fundamentals.

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1h 16m


Beginner / Intermediate



Camera Fundamentals Introduction and Basics

Discusses what “exposure” really means and the three factors that control brightness and darkness in your photos and which form what we call “The Exposure Triangle” 


Shutter Speed Showing Motion

Learn about the technical and creative uses of Shutter Speed to show motion in a frame or freeze it completely and the different applications this has. 


Shutter Speed On Location

I’ll show you a real-world demonstration of how to set the shutter speed to stop motion. 


F Stop and Aperture Fundamentals

Here you’ll learn what aperture is, how f-stop numbers measure it, how it affects exposure, and how you use it to adjust sharpness in your image and backgrounds. 


F Stop Fundamentals on Location

I’ll show you how you use aperture to control how much is in focus, how bright it is, and how to get a blurred background. 


ISO Fundamentals

Learn what ISO is, how it controls your camera’s sensitivity to light, and how it can affect the quality of your images if pushed to extremes. 


ISO Fundamentals on Location

Another real-world demonstration of how ISO influences exposure and affects the quality of your image. 


Equivalent Exposures

Learn how to balance Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO to calculate exposures and master the exposure triangle. 


Equivalent Exposures on Location

I’ll show you on location how you use Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO to calculate equivalent exposures and create different visual effects with your imagery. 


Camera Fundamentals Final Exercise

I’ll show you another example of how to bring all these factors together to get a perfectly exposed image and how this key fundamental can fuel your own style.  Use the link above to do...


How to Master Your Camera


Express your creative vision and reach the next level in your photography through consistent excellent use of these fundamentals.

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