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Learn a systematic approach to off-camera flash.

This course covers all the details of Flash Photography including a description of the four different flash systems, hands-on set up of off-camera flash, the different types of flash, the fundamentals of light, and seven amazing techniques to wow with off-camera flash. This is a complete and definitive course on how to master your flash and produce next level portraits with professional light anytime, anywhere.


Create dramatic lighting effects anytime or anywhere!

This course is for you if…

You’ve had inconsistent results with flash or never thoroughly understood it.

Your on-location portraits lack pop, drama, and beautifully lit backgrounds.

You’re unsure how to produce pro-quality lighting in the studio or on location.

Imagine you could…

Have a complete and full understanding of flash and how to use it. Be able to control any lighting situation, on location or in the studio. Create pro-quality lighting anytime or anywhere with low-cost gear.

Hear what photographers have to say…

“There is so much to like -- even LOVE-- about this class. Scott Robert explains light so well, respects and encourages creative differences, and empowers us with the knowledge to start using flash WITHOUT a huge investment. Love the emphasis on using manual flash instead of TTL.”

Rebecca G.

“Thank you so much for hands-on with Flash! I have never shot with a Flash, but you truly have inspired me to buy and try, and I have some ideas for portraits and how to fine-tune the light. This course has been awakening as far as lighting goes. I am excited to try it out! So from fearing and actually hating flash lighting, I am now starting to play with some ideas of how my photos can get the wow factor! Thanks again for the inspiration and practical run through.”

Bente J.

“I normally use available light but I got this course to educate myself in the use of artificial light. It has not disappointed. Scott is entertaining, very knowledgeable, and makes it understandable so you can go out and start practicing right away. Definitely one of my favorite courses.”

Shawn A.

"This class will empower the student and enable them to master flash lighting, on location or in the studio. I demonstrate and teach in a step by step and easy to understand manner, how even the most basic flash system can produce professional and world classwork. This class is my definitive course on how to use flash."

Scott Robert Lim


Flash Photography Masterclass


Many photographers won’t use flash because they can’t get good results. This course will show you what a powerful tool it is and the secrets to great flash photography.

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6h 6m


Beginner / Intermediate



Flash Lighting Introduction

An overview of Flash Photography, the many different types of flash lighting, and how it can be used as a keystone of your photography.


The 4 Main Types of Flash Gear

An overview of the four different flash systems and an explanation of their similarities and their differences. 


The TTL Flash System

An explanation of the Through The Lens (TTL) flash system and how it works. 


The Manual Flash System

An introduction of the manual flash system and how it works. 


Channels And Groups

This lesson goes through how a TTL and high-speed sync off-camera flash system works and the many different settings which can be used. 


The Manual Flash System Simple Connect

We contrast a TTL/HSS system with a more simplistic standard manual system and go over how it is controlled.


The Manual Flash System Visually Explained

How to set up your manual flash system and further explanation of its advantages and disadvantages. 


The TTL Manual HSS Flash Visual Description

How to set up your High-Speed Sync flash system, both Through The Lens and Manual, and a further explanation of its advantages and disadvantages. 


The Hybrid Flash Visually Explained

Learn all about the new type of flash that has the strength of a studio flash and is portable and carries enough punch to be an on-location strobe.


Why Create Light with Off Camera Flash?

Reasons why you should use off-camera flash and invest the time it takes to learn how to professionally use it. 


Examples of Creating Your Own Light with Flash

Example photos showing what flash can do, further demonstrating the depth and variety of effects it can create. 


Hard Light and Soft Light

An explanation of the two types of light, what it looks like, how to create it and when. 


Creating Soft Light With Flash

Understanding the characteristics of diffusion and how it is calculated.


How to Make Your Flash Your Shutter - Clearing the Biggest Misunderstanding

An important lesson covering the most misunderstood concept of flash. Learn how it can serve as your shutter speed and be used this way as a powerful tool.


Understanding High Speed Sync

A lesson on understanding the difference between standard flash sync and HSS or High-Speed Sync. 


TTL vs Manual Flash

Understand the differences between TTL and Manual Flash and how to control each. 


How to Determine Your Flash Power

How to calculate your flash power in a manual flash system so you can get perfect exposures in one shot. Use the link above to download the Source Files for this Lesson.


Using a Manual Flash Practical Examples

A real-world demonstration on how to determine flash power, placement and diffusion calculations. 


Using The Flash Calculator with Multiple Combinations

How to use the flash calculator and how to adjust for different combinations. 


Flash Technique 1 Backlight

A lesson on how easy it is to get started with flash. Using flash as a backlight and adding to your natural light portrait.  


Flash Technique 2 Setting Your Background First

An important lesson on setting your background first, a fundamental technique on how to use flash. 


Setting Your Background First On Location

A real-world demonstration on how I set the background first, then add flash to my subject for perfectly exposed shots. 


Setting Your Background First in Shade On Location

The advantages of flash and how you can balance bright light in the background and add bright light on your subject with flash, even if they’re in the shade. 


Flash Technique 3 Underexposing The Background

Creating a black box environment with your camera settings and then adding flash to perfectly expose your subject, making your background darker for dramatic effects. 


Flash Technique 4 Dragging Your Shutter

How using flash gives you two exposures in one. One exposure created by your flash and the other exposure using your manual camera settings for ambient light.


Flash Technique 5 Sunset In Your Pocket

Learn how a basic flash can simulate a sunset by creating shadows and depth. 


Flash Technique 6 Sun As Your Main Flash To Reduce Shadows

A lesson using flash NOT as your main light but a light to control sharp shadows created by the sun. 


On Location Sun As Main Flash to Reduce Shadows

A real-world demonstration on how to use your flash to reduce shadows when the strong sunlight is your main light on your subject. 


Flash Technique 7 Night Club

The lesson will show you how to create a nightclub atmosphere with multiple flashes in your dark environment. 


Flash Techniques Summary

A summary review of all seven flash techniques. 


In Studio Flash Introduction and Key Skills

An overview of flash and introduction to using flash in your studio and a list of key skills needed to create great studio portraits.


The Inverse Square Law

Learn the easy way about the inverse square law and how it can apply to your everyday photography, especially when using flash.


Two Flash Set Up

How to set up a simple two light set-up in the studio and the basics for creating a colored background with a gel.


Setting Up a 3 Flash Set up with Colored Background

Learn how to use a three-light setup and correctly calculate flash power. 


Three Flash with Colored Background The Set Up

A real-world demonstration in the studio on how to create a three flash setup with a  colored background. 


Three Flash with Colored Background Lighting Your Subject

How to add your subject into your three light set-up and how to put everything together to create a great portrait. 


Using Multiple Flashes in TTL Mode

A lesson demonstrating using your flashes in TTL mode and how easy it can be. 


Final Words on Flash Lighting

Final thoughts on flash photography. 


Flash Photography Masterclass


Many photographers won’t use flash because they can’t get good results. This course will show you what a powerful tool it is and the secrets to great flash photography.

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