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Learn to create a fine art signature style.

Over my career so far I have won over 70 International awards for my imagery, including the prestigious Kodak Award, and that wasn’t just by luck or good fortune. I want to share with you the techniques I believe helped me achieve this success and how to create a fine art image with your photography.


The secrets to award-winning images!

This course is for you if…

You’ve struggled to try to add a signature style into your photos.

You feel lost with post-processing and don’t have an overall workflow.

You feel your imagery lacks impact.

Imagine you could…

Consistently create award-winning imagery. Create a direction and a consistent style with your post-processing. Post-process with a direction and a plan, not just using random presets.

Hear what photographers have to say…

“Scott gives a good overview and presents some classic examples of creating a signature style and a fine art image. I was always wondering the method on how Scott post-processes his images and now I see his philosophy with the examples of his own work he uses”
Bobby F.

“This course is a new way to look at post-processing, I usually hit a few different presets and I’m done with it, but this is a whole new level. Thanks, Scott.”
Shawn T.

“I’m a technical shooter and like to get it right in camera and don’t do a lot of post-processing but I can see after taking this course, there may be times I need to do more editing to my photos. Ansel Adams did it the hard way, we have it much easier with digital post-processing. Thanks for the inspiration Scott”
Anne S.

"I’ve used concepts from classic artists and used these techniques in my work to win over 70 international awards and have my work published all around the world. I want to share these bold concepts in a course where any photographer could learn them and use them in their own post-processing work to bring a fine art signature style to all of their images."

Scott Robert Lim


Fine Art Techniques


Learn to create impactful, award-winning photos with fine art post-processing techniques.

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Beginner / Intermediate



Post Processing Compared to Fine Art - 6 Key Elements

Learn the six keys to fine art post-processing and why adding a signature style is important to extend your creativity. 


Creating Award Winning Images with 10 Post Processing Techniques

I show you 10 post-processing concepts you can use to create award-winning images. 


The 8 Essential Skills used in Global Adjustments

Eight key post-processing adjustments that affect the entire image and which are crucial for any photographer or retoucher to learn. 


Local and Stylistic Essential Skills in Post Processing

Six key local adjustment skills that enhance portions of your image to bring out fine details and maximum impact. 


Final Words on Post Processing Overview

Some final thoughts and insights on the power of post-processing.


Fine Art Techniques


Learn to create impactful, award-winning photos with fine art post-processing techniques.

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