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These Lightroom Presets are some of the secret ingredients I use to make my award-winning images.

Every image can be quite different depending on what you shoot so I wanted to create a set of actions that are tools to my process and not necessarily one-button fixes that completely transform the image. Think of them as add on tools to whatever style you want to create and to help you elevate whatever image you apply them to.


Simple, easy to use Presets to enhance your images!

These presets are for you if…

You’ve struggled to create a clean workflow in Lightroom that is consistent.

Your monochrome and duotone coloring lacks pop and consistency.

You feel you lack everyday presets that can be used on almost any image.

Imagine you could…

Have a set of essential effects for almost any image as part of your workflow. Create stunning monochrome and duotone effects immediately and efficiently, and have a set of presets that can build on one another instead of complete resets.

Hear what photographers have to say…

“I love the fact that these are additive presets and not necessarily one-shot wonders. I use them on practically every image. These are clean and versatile and compliment whatever style image I’m working on”

Landon D.

“I love the noise reduction preset, I use this on every portrait because I always add skin smoothing and it is very burdensome to go thru the different modules every time to create this look manually- a definite time saver. Also, I constantly use the presets to make my subjects slightly longer, this is genius, who doesn’t want to look, 8lbs skinner? Great job Scott ”

Camila E.

“There are a ton of monochrome and duotone options that are amazing because as a wedding photographer, I naturally make about 10% BW and all these BW shots have to have a consistent look or color toning. I pick one monochrome or duotone preset that matches the wedding feel and I’m set. I have a consistent look with all my BW images for that wedding but it has a slight stylistic look to it. A definite time saver!”

Adrian O.

"Most other presets out there will completely change or reverse the look you just worked so hard to create, but my presets take an additive approach to it so you can build incredibly detailed looks easily. As a bonus, I also included a set of monochrome and duotone effect that have helped me create fast and varied looks."

Scott Robert Lim


Essential Lightroom Presets


Lightroom Presets are a fantastic way to accelerate your image retouching and finishing and these are 33 Lightroom Presets that are at the core of my workflow.

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